Short Term Rental

  • Mobile maintenance unit service 24/7
  • Optimal fleet utilization
  • Fulfills current market demands and fluctuations
  • Flexibility and efficiency, no idle equipment costs
  • New market development
  • Quality certified equipment

Secure Parking

  • Up to 150 parking spaces available to rent for your equipment.

Long Term Lease

  • Mobile maintenance service 24/7
  • Services available in both "Full Maintenance" or "Net / Net" Leases
  • Payments are fully tax deductible
  • No cash down
  • Fixed payments over the term of the lease
  • Current technology and specifications
  • Reduced maintenance costs associated with a newer equipment
  • Preventitive maintenance program available for "Full Maintenance Leases"
  • Replacement unit
  • Equipment can be designed to your specific requirements
  • Equipment can be decaled with your company logo ( customers responsibility )
  • No risks associated with the residual value of the equipment